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Haunted Farmhouse

Who else loves Halloween?! I love the decorations, pumpkin foods and smells, and scary movies! I didn’t decorate for Halloween last year but I decided to this year because I found some décor at super cheap prices so I couldn’t resist!!! So check out my haunted farmhouse!!!


I’m so obsessed with this! I was afraid the Halloween décor wouldn’t look good with my fall décor but it turned out so cute! I got these bats from Amazon for $12. And I got the cute little Skeleton, I named him Skully, from Amazon for $10. Then I bought this “creepy cloth” for $1 at the Dollar Tree and draped it across the mantle.

Here’s a trick for the bats: They come with stickers to put on the back to stick them on the wall but I read that they don’t stick well and then peel paint off the wall. So I used painters tape and haven’t had any fall off!


I’m obsessed with how the bat wall turned out! I was afraid it was going to look so bad when I tried it but it’s perfect.


I thought I was going to stop at decorating the fireplace but the items were so cheap I thought why not?! I bought two more pieces of the creepy cloth from the Dollar Tree (a whopping $2) And then I found this super cute “Welcome to our Haunted Farmhouse” sign from the Target Dollar Spot for $5. I couldn’t pass it up!!! These little skeleton bones and skull came with the skeleton I bought on Amazon.

I even made the guest bathroom a little spooky!! Again I added one of the creepy cloths in here and then bought these little skeletons in a pack for $1 from the Dollar Tree also. I also found a metal sign that says “Haunted House” from the Target Dollar Spot for $2, I just forgot to take a picture with it.

Over all I ended up spending $35 on all of my Halloween decorations which is such an awesome deal!! I love a good deal and I love switching up my décor for the seasons and holidays so it’s never boring!!

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