How to Make a Mimosa Bar

Do you have a bridal shower or baby shower coming up? Mimosa bars are always a hit at showers and I just recently threw one so I wanted to write a post about how to set up an awesome mimosa bar!

Here’s a picture of my mimosa bar all set up

I ordered a “Mimosa Bar” banner from Amazon.

And then I also ordered balloons from Amazon to make the balloon garland to go over top of the mimosa bar. Here’s a blog post about how to create your own balloon garland.

I bought these clear carafes with the chalkboard label from Walmart for the juices.

I had these white containers on hand for the fruit but any kind of small bowls would work!

I made the mimosa bar sign for another cute touch! You can buy it here.

A wine bin is good to have to keep the prosecco/champagne on ice! I bought the prosecco from Aldi’s because they were pretty cheap but still taste just as good. I love to use prosecco for my mimosas because it’s a little more sweet than champagne but that is a personal preference.

For a party of 20 guests I would recommend 7-8 bottles of champagne/prosseco because you can make about 6-8 mimosas out of a 750 mL bottle of champagne. I like to buy more to have on hand just in case and if it doesn’t get used it’s more for you later!!

I bought orange juice, mango peach juice, and cranberry juice as the different juice options and I had blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries to give as options to throw in the mimosas also.

I had so much fun making the mimosa bar and what’s great about it is you can save all of these items for the next shower you throw and you can just change the colors to match the theme or style of the shower you’re throwing! There’s so many fun options with mimosa bars you can keep them different every single time!

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