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Guest Room Makeover

Isn’t it crazy what paint can do to change the look of a room?!
When we bought our house our walls were tan. I like the gray/blue color scheme so the tan walls weren’t my favorite!
The first room I painted was the laundry room. I went with a more blue color. Here’s how it looks now:

Check out this blog post to see more before and after pictures.

Then we painted the master bedroom and added a board and batten wall for my birthday. I had so much extra paint left over from the master bedroom that I decided to dedicate that paint color to all of the bedrooms.
Here was the master bedroom before:

Here it is after we painted it and added a board and batten wall:

Check out this post about how to add your own board and batten wall!

One of my goals for 2019 is to get the whole entire house painted. I know this sounds like a lame goal but I’ve been dying to get rid of the tan walls and I’d rather save the money by doing it myself. Painting is such a tedious job so my plan is to try to tackle one room or even one wall whenever I have a free day or night.

The paint color I am using for the bedrooms is Reserve White by Sherwin Williams. It’s a gray with a hint of blue. When it’s wet it looks white but when it dries it’s more blue gray. I wanted a more blue tone for the bedrooms because we’re going with an actual light gray for the rest of the house. I want to do a fun pop of color in the bathrooms and we talked about doing a dark gray for the man cave!

I tackled the guest bedroom in less than a weekend. I worked on it for about 3 hours Friday night and then for about an hour on Saturday morning. This time around I didn’t tape off the trim I just was careful when cutting in and kept a wet washcloth in case I got paint where it shouldn’t be. This room probably took me 4 hours all together with moving furniture and putting it all back together when I was finished.

Here’s the room before:

Here’s the room after:

I got the gray duvet from Linens and Hutch. It’s the perfect subtle design! I also got two sets of sheets from them, they’re so soft and have stayed together for longer than sheets I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for! They also usually always have a good sale or deal going on so be sure to check them out if you’re needing a new duvet cover or sheets!

The two purple/burgundy throw pillows and the lumbar pillow are all from Home Goods. I loved the colors and when I brought them home I realized they matched perfectly with the picture above the bed! The picture is from Hobby Lobby. I got all of my curtains and the lamps in this room from Walmart. I also used a lot of our memorabilia from our wedding as decorations in this room. I hung up our wooden guestbook and the shadow box of all of my wedding items. I also made a cute sign that says “Be our guest” that hangs above the TV. And I decorated some wooden shelves on the other wall with items we bought from Jamaica while on our honeymoon. I think it adds a good inviting, personal touch. I always wanted to make sure our guest bedroom was cozy and comfortable for our guests!

So now that I’ve gotten that bedroom done the next one I need to paint is the office/work out room. And then I think I will go ahead and buy the paint for the rest of the house and tackle a wall or section anytime I have a free weekend. If you’re goal this year is to paint your whole house comment below so I don’t feel alone! We got this!

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