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As of right now we only have a back deck but one day we want to extend the deck out and down another level and then add a patio off of that. This will take awhile for us to actually do so for now I’m just dreaming and going to share with you what would be my ideal outdoor items!

This outdoor table is everything!! I love the farmhouse style, the benches and the big chairs for the head of the table!

San Remo Outdoor Dining Collection 

I think this chair is so cute! Putting two over in a corner with a cute end table in between would be the perfect spot for a morning coffee!

Cream All Weather Wicker Negril Outdoor Occasional Chair

I’ve had my eye on this couch for so long now. I tried it out in the store and it’s so comfy! And I love throwing a darker color into the mix too. I think it’d even be cute to add the chairs above to the space with the couch! Throw some super bright, cute pillows on it and they’ll pop too!!

Standish Patio Love Seat 

Every patio needs a fire pit and I love these table top ones! They’re perfect for those fall nights!

Rocksprings Fire Table

I love this rug so much. I’d probably stick it under the fire pit or by the two chairs. All I know is that I’d find somewhere for this to go!

Opalhouse Woven Outdoor Rug

I’m not sure why but I’m loving the black and white stripes so I think this rug would be perfect for under the dining set!

Outdoor Rug

String lights add such a cozy ambiance to the space. And I love how these ones are different than the usual ones

String Lights



I love this lantern, it doesn’t look big here but it is which makes it so neat!

Rattan Lantern 

I didn’t find any pillows that I absolutely loved online so I’d probably just hit up Marshall’s or Home Goods because they always have such a good selection!

I also love shopping in Hobby Lobby’s metal section for outdoor things! We got a large metal ‘M’ from there and it hangs outside on the back deck and I love it!

This is just what I picture in my head right now for what i’d want one day! But for now I’ll just have to dream because first we need a patio and second we need the money to be able to buy all of this! Which I like to usually buy piece by piece so it doesn’t hurt the wallet as bad! The first piece I’m eyeing to buy on this list is the couch. The second that baby goes on sale again I am snagging it!!!!

I hope this gave you some inspiration for your patio or back deck. I’d love to see pictures of what you’ve done so drop them in the comments below!

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