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DIY Faux Floating Shelves

Hi friends!

So I’ve been wanting to add shelves to the guest bathroom for a while now and I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. I decided to pick a different kind of floating shelves for the bathroom and left the harder floating shelves for the living room. These ones were super easy and quick to make and inexpensive!

Here’s what it looked like before:


  • Sander
  • Wood Stain (I used Minwax Wood Finish- Special Walnut)
  • Rag or brush for staining (I prefer to use a rag)
  • (2) 4″ Corner Braces (should come in a pack of 2)
  • Dry Wall Anchors
  • 3/4″ Wood Screws
  • 2x10x10 piece of wood – cut to your length
  • Spray Paint (I used copper)
  • Level

Step 1: Cut your shelves. Once you know the size you want you can cut your shelves on your own or have Lowe’s/Home Depot do it for you. I have a saw I can use but the 10 foot board couldn’t fit into my car so I went ahead and had them cut it for me. I knew I needed them to be 20″ long so I had them cut the two. Then I was left with about 7 feet left which allowed me to make shelves for our closet also!

Step 2: Sand your shelves. You want to sand the edges to make them smooth and sand it down so that the wood will take in the stain. Then wipe all of the dust off.

Step 3: Stain. Follow the directions on your can! I like to use an old rag to apply the stain onto my wood and then I wipe off the excess stain. You will want the stain to dry completely before hanging up the shelves.

Step 4: Paint the braces. I love copper so I decided to go with the copper look, but you can paint them any color you want!

Step 5: Hang your shelves. Mark on the wall with a pencil where you want to hang them. Use a level to make sure it’ll be straight. Remember this you’ll be lining up to braces so you want to make sure they’ll be straight…..this is where I used my handy dandy husband 😉 Search for a stud with a stud finder and if you can’t find a stud then use the dry wall anchors. Screw the braces into the wall. Once you have your placement and braces screwed into the wall, place your shelves onto the braces and then use your wood screws and screw the wood screws into the bottom of your shelves to keep them in place on the braces. (My husband chose to screw the braces onto the shelves first and then screw that into the wall, it’s whatever you prefer.

Step 6: Decorate! This is obviously my favorite part! Put whatever your little heart desires on the shelves!!!

Here’s the final look!

I love it! I love having shelves to decorate because they’re so easy to switch up at any time. It just adds some more cuteness to the bathroom. I never go into the guest bathroom besides to clean it but I find myself always popping in just to look at them 🙂

For the decor:

Please Remain Seated Sign:

Metal “M” & Bird Cage: Hobby Lobby for like $5

Rose Gold Metal Basket: Walmart, came in a pack of 2 for $2.50

Glass Jar: Michael’s, on sale for $8 and I stuck cotton balls in it!

In the end I got 5 shelves (2 for bathroom, 3 for closet) for about $25 which isn’t bad at all! Every time I’d find a shelf at the store I liked it was usually like $30-50 for one! So this is such a cost effective way to add some shelving to your home!

I hope this tutorial helps you with making your own faux floating shelves. If you have any questions feel free to ask and share your pictures of your shelves with me!

If you were wanting to add the actual floating shelves to your home be on the look out for that blog post soon!

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