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Who else LOVES home projects!?

Don’t get me wrong, I love relaxing weekends but I also love tackling things. Plus our project list grows everyday so we kind of have lots we want to get done. We finally had a free weekend to complete one of our projects so we headed to Lowe’s. At first we were going just for paint but we all know you usually never leave with JUST what you went in for….

We ended up leaving with paint for the laundry room, yard stuff, and tiki torches for the back porch.

I finally put out the chairs we got for Christmas around our outdoor table and I’m obsessed with them! I also shopped around my house and found this cute lantern and stuck it out there. I was thinking of finding an outdoor rug and some cute small pillows for the chairs. If you have any suggestions for where to look let me know because so far I haven’t found anything I like!

You can buy the chairs here  for only $99.99 for all four!!

We also put the tiki torches out around the deck, they add that perfect ambiance for a relaxing spring/summer night!


Sunday morning I woke up and started tackling the laundry room. I want to paint the whole house a very light/bright grey but I knew I wanted at least one room to have a pop of color. We enter the laundry room every day and it’s right off of the kitchen so I thought it was the perfect room for some color! We picked a color from the Sherwin Williams HGTV line. When we walked into the store I pointed right away to the pastel colors and Ryan and I both liked this blue color so we went with it.

This project took me about 4 hours. I was a lot more cautious about making sure I had scrubbed down the baseboards and cleaned off the walls before painting and I was very careful when cutting in the edges. But the time and effort was totally worth it. Check it out!



The color we picked is Sherwin Williams HGTV North Star. It’s a grey that has tones of blue so when it’s bright in the room it looks very blue but when it’s a little darker it looks more grey. I love the versatility of it.

Now to paint the rest of the house…..

The next projects on my list are:

-Painting the kitchen cabinets white and adding backsplash

-Building a barn door for the laundry room

-Paint the rest of the house

-Spruce up the outside of the house for spring/summer

Taking any help we can get to tackle these projects! 🙂

Have a happy week friends!


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