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Girls dream of their wedding day from a very early age. If you got the chance to be a flower girl I’m sure at the wedding you were wishing about how one day you get to be “the princess”. Then Pinterest came along and I’m pretty sure we all had planned at least 3 different weddings before we we’re even dating someone. And I’m sure you have one whole board dedicated to wedding dresses….don’t lie, I know I did!

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of pressure on the bride about finding the perfect wedding dress. The day you go wedding dress shopping is built up to make it seem like when you walk into that store every dress should fit you perfect and the second you put on “the one” that you’ll bawl your eyes out and have “that feeling”. But not everyone has that kind of experience. There’s a lot of things to know and think about before you go wedding dress shopping so here’s some tips!

  • Don’t expect too much. If you build up the shopping experience in your head there’s a chance you’ll be disappointed. Not all bridal salons give you a gift bag or champagne while trying on your dresses, and unfortunately not every bridal consultant is going to be nice like you would hope. Actually my bridal consultant ended up being kind of rude.
  • Go in open minded. Yes, take ideas of what you like but make sure you also try on the styles you said you hate because you never know until you try it on. Plenty of brides end up in a dress no one expected them to wear and I think that’s the fun of it!
  • Try on multiple dresses, even if the first one you put on you think you love. You never want to regret not trying on any others. And you can always come back and try on the ones you liked again.
  • Most likely the dresses they have to try on won’t fit you perfectly. Don’t let this discourage you; whether it’s too big or too small. Mine literally fell off of me and even clipping them back didn’t work the best. After trying on about 5 dresses that just swallowed me whole I was getting really discouraged to the point I wanted to cry and leave. But then the last dress I tried on fit better than the rest and I could actually tell what it would look like and it was exactly what I was looking for.
  • Not every bridal salon will have what you want. They don’t have every dress a designer has and they don’t have every wedding dress designer. If you are looking for a certain designer’s line or dress you need to do your research before and find the salons that carry that designer.
  • You don’t have to say yes to the dress right away. You can stand in it for the next hour if you want or come back another day. I stood in my dress for I don’t even know how long because I didn’t want to make the decision too quick but I knew when I didn’t want to take it off that it was the one.
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you whether it’s your mom, bridesmaid, mother-in-law or the consultant. If you like how you look in the dress that’s all that matters. It is YOUR day and YOUR dress.
  • If you want to shop at 5 other stores DO IT. Sure, trying on hundreds of dresses might end up making you indecisive but if that’s what you want to do then go for it girl!
  • You might not cry or get that feeling. I didn’t cry, I’m just not a huge cryer. But I didn’t need that to let me know that it was the dress.
  • Don’t take too many people if you don’t want to. I only took my mom and one bridesmaid because we went shopping in Ohio and it was on a whim. I honestly wasn’t even planning on buying a dress that day I still had 4 other salons in Ohio and South Carolina I wanted to go to. I had two Maids of Honor and unfortunately they weren’t there when I bought my dress because we were 8 hours away from each other and I hated it but I couldn’t help it that I found my dress when I did! So if you want to go alone, with only your mom, one bridesmaid or all of them, or on a whim without the people you thought originally would go with you, it is up to you!
  • Have fun! Dress shopping is supposed to be fun and exciting. It’s the beginning of it all and it makes it even more real than before.
  • When you find the dress….CELEBRATE! Go out and get a glass of champagne because you found your wedding dress and you deserve it!!

Here’s a few pictures of my dress. I knew I wanted a lace mermaid style but not a really drastic poof at the bottom. I actually ended up taking out a layer of the tulle at the bottom so that it was a more gradual flair. I also knew I really wanted an open back and the high mesh neck but I liked how it still had the plunging neckline and the mesh made it a little more modest. My dress also ended up being a lot easier to walk and dance in! If I could wear it every day I would 🙂 I plan to put it in a shadow box with my bouquet and other things from our wedding and hang it in our room so I can look at its pretty self every day!

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Wedding Photos by: Anchor & Veil Photography

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