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Happy Wedding Wednesday!!!

Pretty much every girl has been dreaming about their fairytale wedding since they were little. But let me tell you, the planning process is not a fairytale. Yes, it’s fun…but it’s stressful at the same time, so I hope I can help out by giving some advice!

So let’s talk flowers. Flowers can end up being a huge part of your wedding budget so it’s important to find what you love. Whether you’re a bride that wants flowers everywhere or a bride that wants minimal flowers they are still a very important piece! Flowers really soften up a space so I suggest at least having a few floral centerpieces and details thrown in if you’re wanting to keep it minimal. But if you’re wanting them everywhere also remember to not go overboard! It’s also important to be sure that the colors you pick correlate with the season your wedding is in because certain flowers are only available at certain times of the year, so be sure to keep that in mind!

Looking up inspiration on Pinterest is a good way to get some ideas together but the best thing to do is look at your florists’ portfolio. It’s important to figure out what color flowers you want and what kind of bouquets, boutonnières, and centerpieces you are looking for. Getting together a springboard of ideas is helpful but remember it’s almost impossible for a florist to recreate something you found off of Pinterest. Therefore, it’s important to be open and trust that your florist will put together something beautiful.

Before I picked my florist I had researched a lot of florists in the area. I looked at reviews and most importantly their portfolios. I ended up picking a florist that had done a lot of weddings at my venue because I liked that they knew the space better than I did. If you’re in the Charlotte area my florist was Willow Floral Boutique. They were amazing!

Going into the meeting with my florist I knew that I wanted my bridesmaids’ bouquets to be white with some greenery and for mine to be colorful. I felt that since I was in white I shouldn’t have an all white bouquet because it would wash me out. But this is totally up to what you want! I told her I wanted purples, blues, and a hint of coral thrown in but that I had no idea about types of flowers so I let her come up with what she thought would look best! I had a junior bridesmaid so to make her stand out I had my florist create a smaller replica of my bouquet for her. I also had two maids of honor so I had her put some purple flowers in one MOH’s bouquet and blue flowers in the other for them to stand out as well. I also knew that I wanted the bouquets to be messy, kind of like a bunch of wildflowers thrown together. I wanted ribbon wrapped around the stems hanging from the bridesmaids bouquets that matched their dresses and I had her wrap my bouquet in my late grandfather’s handkerchief and a piece of lace.

I think the bouquets turned out beautiful, along with my bridesmaids, of course. <3

Bridal Party (6 of 64)

Bridal Party (12 of 64)

Details (103 of 103)Also, don’t forget to ask about a throw bouquet! Mine was complimentary and it was smaller than my original bouquet which was a good thing since you’re throwing it. But if you’re wanting to keep your bouquet then you will need a throw one unless you are opting out of the bouquet toss. The funniest thing about my bouquet toss is that my dad snuck in the middle of all of the girls and was the one that caught the bouquet. Reception (154 of 280)

And the crowd went wild. 

Reception (158 of 280)Reception (164 of 280)

Okay so moving on…

For centerpieces I knew I wanted three different kinds; two floral ones and one non-floral. I had already bought the lanterns for my non-floral pieces so I was good there. While talking to my florist I decided I wanted a wooden box with flowers in it as one centerpiece and one with different size jars with flowers as the other. I also knew I wanted the colors of the centerpieces to match my bouquet and I wanted them messy in the same way. I am obsessed with how they turned out.

Details (96 of 103)Details (33 of 103)

Details (98 of 103)Details (43 of 103)

For the cake I didn’t want to go overboard with flowers since they just get taken off so I decided all I wanted was a few roses thrown on top and I think it was perfect.

Details (74 of 103)

At the ceremony we had an arbor that we got married in front of. I originally wanted flowers covering the whole entire arbor but when I found out the cost I had to cut something out so I decided to go with a smaller floral piece. Because the arbor was a neat wooden one and the background scenery was so pretty I think the small floral piece was just fine!

Details (51 of 103)

After the ceremony the flowers on the arbor were taken down and moved to our sweetheart table. I knew I didn’t want the flowers to go to waste so I made sure I found a place for them at the reception. I was worried how the piece would look on our table but it ended up being perfect! The bridesmaids also put their flowers in vases along the mantle and my bouquet sat behind us on the fireplace.

Details (101 of 103)

For our two flower girls I had the florist give them some white rose petals and flower crowns. Only one wore her flower crown but that’s okay because they both did an awesome job walking down the aisle and standing up front!

Ceremony (50 of 123)Family (61 of 64)

So….flowers get expensive! Whether you knew that from the beginning or found out during the planning process it’s crazy to see it add up. So let’s talk ways to cut your floral expenses…

I knew that there was no way I could make the bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces or the flowers on the arbor and I didn’t want to skimp on that part so I found other places to take flowers out. At first I wanted flowers around the lantern centerpieces but I decided to take those out and that saved us a couple hundred dollars. I also wanted flowers down the aisle in olive buckets so I decided I could easily do that part on my own. We ordered baby’s breath from Publix and had planned to pick them up on Friday before we headed up to the venue. Of course when we got there they ordered small white roses instead of baby’s breath. So we cleared out what they had of baby’s breath and went to Harris Teeter and got all of theirs…but it still wasn’t enough. Since we needed more flowers I decided to throw in Hydrangeas (since Ryan and I love those) and some greenery. It ended up working out just fine!

Details (58 of 103)Details (59 of 103)

Also for the rehearsal dinner we decided to make the floral centerpieces ourselves because we only needed five centerpieces. We ended up being able to use those around the reception in places that needed something little added. This cut the cost for flowers for the rehearsal dinner but then also allowed me to add some extra flowers at the reception.

If you feel comfortable doing certain things with flowers instead of hiring a florist to do it that’s definitely a way to cut down on the cost. But if you aren’t comfortable with doing it or it’s a big piece of your wedding I would pay the extra cost for a professional to do it. There’s also a lot less stress that way!

Details (66 of 103)

In the end I think the flowers turned out perfect all around. I LOVED all of the bouquets and centerpieces and the flowers down the aisle turned out to be really pretty. Flowers bring beauty, elegance, and a touch of the color scheme and personal expression to your wedding which is why I think they are an important part!

Just remember, wedding planning is fun and this is your big day! So relax and when you go into the meeting with your florist be open minded but also be sure to express exactly what you’re wanting. In the end they do this as a living and will make sure your flowers look beautiful for you wedding day!

If you have any questions or want some more tips or advice feel free to ask!

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