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How to Make a Balloon Garland

Are you throwing a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party soon and looking for cheap and easy decorations? Balloon garlands are so fun because they’re inexpensive, easy and you can make it fit into any theme or style! I spent $10 on this!

First things first….what do you need:

– Balloons – I got these from Amazon
– Twine/String (I had on hand)
– Scissors (I had on hand)
– Tape or Nails (I had on hand)

Once you have all of your supplies you will want to measure how long you want your garland to be. Once you figure that out you will cut the string/twine into that length plus an extra foot or so to be able to have some on the ends to hang it up.

Once you cut the piece you will need to tie each end to a chair and pull it tight.

Then you’ll want to cut small pieces of twine off that you’ll end up tying onto the balloons.

You’ll want to blow up different size balloons so just decide as you go depending on what size you made the last balloon. Once you blow up the balloon you’ll tie the twine onto the end of it like this:

Then you’ll take the ends of the twine and tie it onto the longer strand

You’ll continue to do this until you get the desired length and fullness of the garland. It’s easy to add and take off balloons as you go and you can easily slide them closer to make the garland more full if you want also! I just messed around with it as I went until I got it how I liked it.

Once I was done I put two nails at the top of the window and tied a piece of twine to the main string on the garland and then tied that piece to the nails to hold the garland up. It took some time to figure it out but this worked better than taping it up and it held all night and all day.
Here’s the finished look!

The garland added an extra touch to the mimosa bar and I just thought it was so fun! I even made another one for the fireplace!!

You can also add florals into the garland which I’d love to try at some point too!

Balloon garlands are very inexpensive and easy to do but add a big touch to your party decorations! If you decide to try this out I’d love to see how it turned out!!

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