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Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Now that the kitchen is done my mind is on renovating the hall bathroom. Right now it has popcorn ceilings, beige walls, beige linoleum flooring, a cream colored plastic bathtub and a cream colored toilet….it all has to go!

I’ve had so many ideas in my head so I decided to create a design board of ideas for the bathroom! I’ll share what I came up with and where I think we will get all of the items from!

The plan will be to get rid of the popcorn ceilings and add an exhaust fan because there isn’t one. I want to paint the walls Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and then I also want to add cedar planks on the wall where the toilet is. We will put down new flooring and then replace the bath tub and tile the surround of the bathtub with subway tiles and get a new showerhead and faucet. I’m going to paint our existing vanity navy blue and replace the light fixture and add a new mirror.

I’ll add links of the items that I’m liking right now!

This is the light fixture I really like! It’s only $106.99

I love this black shower head and faucet! It’s $103.99.

I haven’t picked out the exact subway tile yet but I like a normal size white subway tile with a gray grout.

I love this flooring because it’s white but has the gray to tie in the gray grout and it’s simple and bright! It’s $18.40 a box and one box covers 15 square feet.

I’ve ALWAYS been obsessed with this mirror but had no idea where I could put it…this seems like the perfect place! And it’s only $80!

We have guests coming in town throughout the summer so we won’t really start on much until the fall. If I have any free time I might work on any painting and the popcorn ceilings. I also might slowly buy everything here and there so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming!

When we finally get started on the process I’ll be sure to post all about it!

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