Wedding Wednesday: Throwing a Stock The Bar Party

Do you have friends getting married and you want to throw them a couples shower but one that will be fun for the groom too? Throw them a stock the bar party! Who doesn’t love to go home with some good bottles of wine, liquor, and some bar accessories?!

Here’s how to throw a good Stock The Bar party for your friends!

First, order some super cute invitations!
I got these ones from an Etsy shop. She customizes it for you and this one turned out so cute!

I got the “cheers to love” banner from Etsy and I ordered the ‘love’ balloon and the foil garland from Amazon.

Of course, since I make wooden signs, I had to make them a sign for the party that they could take home and use on their bar! This added a cute, personalized touch to the party. If you’re interested in a bar sign like this head to my Etsy shop and message me for a custom bar sign!

I saved up wine and liquor bottles over time to be able to use as vases for flowers and they turned out so cute!

Obviously you need food and drinks for the guests! I went to Aldi’s to stock up on wine and beer and recruited some of the bridesmaids to help me with the food. We decided to go with finger foods for people to pick on and that worked out perfectly. One of the bridesmaids baked cupcakes and another one ordered these cookies made from a local bakery and they turned out so cute! I bought cute rose gold plates, polka dot rose gold napkins, and gold silverware from Walmart to dress it up a little instead of plain paper ware!

I also bought a cute recipe tin and printed out some fun, cute cocktail recipes from Pinterest and threw them in there. Then I set out the actual recipe cards and had people write down their favorite cocktail recipe for the couple! And I had my friend make me a custom wine bottle label to put on a bottle of prosecco and we had everyone at the party sign it. You can get yourself a custom wine label here.

I had a wine glass set out that said “bride” and a tall beer mug set out that said “groom”. Most guys don’t care to play any of those wedding shower games so we only played one! I chose the shoe game where the bride and groom sit back to back and take off their shoes. Each of them hold one of their own shoe and one of the other person’s shoes. The host asks a question like “Who spends the most money?” and the bride and groom answer by holding up the shoe of the person they think spend the most money. I kept it to like 10-15 questions so nobody got bored. It was actually pretty funny to see the difference in how both of them answered or the questions where they both answered the same thing. After the game we had the bride and groom open their gifts since the majority of the people were already in the same room. They ended up going home with a ton of super good liquor, wine and some bar accessories!

I think a stock the bar party is the perfect party for if you’re wanting the groom to be involved!
Comment below if you have any other good tips or ideas for a stock the bar party!

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