6 Tips for the Stressed Out Bride

You’ve dreamed about your wedding day since you were little but there’s a lot more that goes into it than that. Between picking out the perfect dress, managing all of your bridesmaids, and all of the other things on your to do list, it’s really easy for any bride-to-be to get stressed out. So here’s some tips to hopefully lessen the stress of wedding planning!

Get a massage

Every girl deserves a massage every now and then, but the bride-to-be really deserves one! It’s important to stay relaxed and feeling good in the days leading up to your wedding. A massage will loosen up your muscles and rid your body of those bad toxins. I booked one for the week of my wedding and it was exactly what I needed.

Work out

I’m sure working out is already on your to-do list but change it up! Go to spin class or go hiking. Do something you don’t normally do as your work out. Your body releases endorphins when you work out, which triggers a positive feeling. It also will get your mind off of what’s stressing you out about the wedding. Plus we all know you want to look your best in that gorgeous dress so working out an extra time that week won’t hurt!

Take a bath

Get you a bath bomb from Lush, some candles, a glass of wine and take a nice long, relaxing bath! It’s always nice to slow down for a little bit especially during the wedding craziness!

Go on a date night

You may be getting married but don’t neglect your relationship! Still put the effort into it that you did before getting engaged and plan those date nights. Go to a romantic dinner and remember the reasons why you’re getting married. It’ll make you realize the stress of planning will all be worth it because of the person in front of you.

Go out with your girls

A girls night out is always fun when you’re stressed out. Whether it’s to get dinner or drinks, sometimes you just need a fun night out with your girls! Plus they’re always the ones who let you vent about anything and everything (and usually agree with you).

Get enough sleep

It’s important to not get run down while planning your wedding. The last thing you want to do is get sick right before your wedding because of stressing out. Put those cozy jammies on and hop in bed early! Diffuse some lavender oil and you’ll sleep like a baby.


The months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding can be stressful, but they should also be fun. Soak up the engagement period because it’ll be gone before you know it and you’ll never get that time back! I miss the excitement of all of the wedding things I had to do. Every day I was doing something for our wedding whether it was updating the registry or deciding on decor, it was always on my mind. It really was a fun time for me and I’m glad I used these tips to stay pretty calm through it all. If I could go back just to experience it all again I totally would!






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