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My Fall Decor

It’s one of my favorite times of year, behind Christmas of course. But I LOVE fall! Especially decorating for it. I’ve had so much fun buying new fall decor especially now that they are making fall decor in neutral colors and my favorite color: teal/blue! Almost everything in our house is neutral with pops of blue/green and teal things.

I was so excited when I found these $1 velvet pumpkins at Target that were in my colors because I’m just not digging the traditional orange pumpkins with my other decor. If you haven’t gotten your hands on some of these pumpkins you need to RUN….not walk to Target! I cleared the shelf when I found them and I still want more.

Aren’t they just so cute?! You can find them in the Target dollar spot for $1! And those little neutral ones in my tier shelf and that white sweater pumpkin are all from Kirklands. That cute little houndstooth pumpkin is one that my mom and I made. (There’s tutorials on how to make fabric pumpkins).

My seafoam green lantern is from Pier One and I bought it for the wedding. I love how I’m able to use my wedding decor in our home. That cute little tin bucket was from a consignment shop in downtown Clover, SC and it came with two bigger ones just like it and I got them all for a whopping $5! One of my favorite pieces in our living room is that green blanket ladder….it’s actually a banister from an old house that I got from an antique shop in Clover as well. I think it’s so much neater than just the usual blanket ladder.

Okay so back to my fall decor…

One of my favorite things to decorate was our front porch. Our front porch is huge so it needed some fall flair anyways!

The first thing I made for the front porch was one of those tall signs that says “Be Thankful” on one side and “Believe” on the other. We had a really neat piece of old barn wood so I painted the sign white for the thankful side and sanded it down to look distressed. You can try to make one of these cool porch signs yourself or you can buy them off of etsy….or from me 🙂 (If you want one just comment or email me!)

Then the next thing to do is go to a pumpkin patch and get you the cutest pumpkins you can find in all shapes, sizes and colors. Here’s my pumpkin haul: (they were only 60 cents a pound!)


I’m loving the green pumpkins and the ones that look squished, they’re just so cute!

I also went to Lowe’s and bought a mini bale of hay for $5. A big bale would work too but I felt like it was going to be too big and in the end the mini one worked perfectly!

I also had these olive buckets from our wedding so I grabbed two of them and some mums from Walmart and they fit in the buckets perfectly! Then just bring it all together and play around with it until you are happy with how it looks! Here’s my finished look:


I’m obsessed with it and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I think it gives our front porch the perfect fall touch.

At our house warming party I got these cute tin pumpkin buckets as a gift so I put them on the other side of the door. I want to put candles in them or maybe some more mums. What do you think would look best?!

(And our wreath was another piece of decor from our wedding!)


I love this time of year because you can have fun with the seasonal decor from fall straight into Christmas. It just adds that extra coziness of the seasons and holidays and it’s my favorite! It also doesn’t cost a lot to add some seasonal decor. You can get some really good deals almost anywhere now. My favorite stores for any decor are Target, Kirklands, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods! If you slowly buy a few things here and there it won’t break the bank.

Now to slowly start buying Christmas ornaments and decor……

Thanks for stopping by friends!!!



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